One of the happiest thing in life is to find someone who would love you for who you are. Someone who can accept your past and help you build with your future. Someone who is ready to fight for you with all the people. Love is the greatest feeling, and all of us want it. All of us look for it. There are times when we are sad, just thinking about the love of our life make us happy and eases the pain, and that is the power brought by love. A feeling that we cannot explain, and we do not want to end. Love helps us to become our better version; we are likely to mold yourself to become more and look good. When we are in love, we notice that we are more concern about yourself, curious about our body, clothes, and face. We do our best to look attractive, having a healthy lifestyle, going to the gym, and have a good life. The love of our life becomes our number one fan, many would criticize and judge us but they will always there to scream our name and cheer to us. Love take risks, and you have to know that when you are in love learn to sacrifice and suffer because that is love. Love gives us the feeling of extreme happiness, a joy that we couldn’t find to other people. A joy we always keep looking for and a feeling we always wanted to have each day.

Growing up with my life, I had lost hope when my parents broke up. I thought love is really like we see on televisions, that when people get married, they will be together for the rest of their lives. I thought we are enough for them, but I was wrong. My world fell when they got divorced, my dad got a mistress, and mom has lost her mind and go with another man. They left us like an animal, have nothing to say and continue their lives. I have to be strong for my siblings, being their dad and mom is hard. Got a little money from the bank that is left to us and I used it to finish my studies. After a long time of struggling, I had built a business and booked for the first time a Tower Bridge Escort from She is beautiful and sweet, and I know on that day, I can’t sleep if I cant say my feelings towards her. I have purse her that eventually, we have a smooth relationship. She helped me in my life and raising my siblings. Also, she is the reason why I am very inspired every day.