Some say that the cure for misery is thankful for what we have. I find that very interesting because it seems very effective. In the past, I’ve always not been happy with my life. I’ve always wanted more even though I had enough. I had not achieved happiness for a very long time. When someone finally told me about being thankful for what I have it made sense. No matter how much I gain if I don’t feel grateful for it I will never be happy at all.

There have been several times that I had messed up my relationship because I was not contented with what I have. I’ve always been unfaithful to every girl I have ever been with. I’ve cheated on them every time, and that’s the main reason why I still am single now. I don’t know why but I have been extremely greedy in the past. I can’t stand being contented with one lady, and I played the sequences of it in the end. Now I feel very enlightened I believe that I can still become a better man. There always have a small chance for me to correct the wrong that I did in the past. I can never turn back time and fix the things that I did. But I can still make up for my mistakes.

Nevertheless, I plan to take my next relationship seriously this time. I’ve already tried to apologize for the women who I’ve hurt before, and thankfully they forgave me. I thought that they were still mad at me, but it was wrong. After a few months without going on dates, I finally felt ready to meet other women again. lucky for me I got lucky because my friend set me up with a lovely lady who’s name is Kell Haddon. She is a local elementary teacher in the neighborhood. I still have never got a chance to meet her yet, but my friends told me that she is a great woman.

She is a single mother and already divorced. When I first saw her, I was stunned at how beautiful she is. She really was all the things that my friend described. I was really looking forward to building a relationship with her, but it did not work the way I want it to be. We did not really connect during our date. Kell and I also did not have any thing in common at all. Sadly my first attempt at love failed that is why I booked a Finchley escort. Finchley escort from helps me forget that I’m already an old man. Finchley escorts also calms me down whenever I get upset.