Giving all I got to a person that did not love me was the dumbest mistake I ever did. My whole life, I have always worked hard to achieve my goals and aspiration. It took sweat and tears to get to the position I am in. Just to be deceived by an evil girl who’s played my heart so many times I could not count. Desires of a man blinded me. I was in love with a girl that I meet in my high school days. She was a student in a different section. But I always see her because some of some of her friends were mine.

During our senior year, I had known that she and her boyfriend broke up because of another girl she was seeing. When I finally got a chance to meet her, I befriended her. She was so kind when we first meet. I offered her some tips on how to play guitar during our recess because I knew that she was interested in playing guitar. It was a beautiful experience, she was kind, friendly and learned pretty quickly. We hang out sometimes after class but with our friends. I was hesitant about asking her out because I knew it could ruin my friendship with her. We gradually became more and closer. Finally, I dared to ask her out in a proper date. I was very nervous because I do not know how she would react. Maybe she would decline my offer or make excuses to avoid me. But thankfully she said yes without hesitation. We bonded well and got comfortable with each other. We would always go out and go to beautiful places during the weekends. I felt that we were so in love and no one could take us apart from each other.

When we graduated high school, we coincident wanted to go to the same university. There she began to change. She was meaner and has less time for me. When we go out sometimes, I noticed that she was not interested anymore. She is not fun to be around anymore. I bought her flowers and gifts regularly to please her, but it was not effective. But I ignored all of these signs and continued chasing this girl. Even though our relationship is complicated, she did not break up with me, and I am more than willing to make it work. But she was already in a relationship with some other guy. And I discovered it very late. Now that I have a job and have a decent income, I promised myself to book only Watford escorts. Booking the best Watford escorts made me happier much more than getting in a relationship ever did. Watford escorts are better than being in a relationship in my opinion.